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The Savoie Champagne Flute is perfect for toasting at weddings, celebrations, and corporate events. These champagne flutes are versatile enough for serving a range of beverages, making them a popular choice among our clients. When you hire champagne glasses from Coutts Event Hire, you can be confident that they will arrive in excellent condition and ready to grace your tables. While we do hold large stocks, we recommend placing your order well in advance to ensure availability for your event. Elevate your event with the timeless sophistication of the Savoie Champagne Flute.

Savoie Champagne Flute - 6oz

SKU: 50000
  • *   Very Popular for all events

    *   Available in large quantities

    *   17.7cl / 6.0oz

    *   H169 / Ø52mm

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