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These Sommelier 20oz Gin/Wine Glasses, are a versatile and elegant addition to your event. With its fine stem and generous 20oz capacity, this glass is perfect for wine tasting events, weddings, and any special occasion where style and sophistication are key. Not just limited to wine, this glass is also well-suited for enjoying a classic gin and tonic or any other cocktail of your choice. With a spacious 560ml size, you’ll have plenty of room to savor your favorite drink. Elevate your drinking experience with the Sommelier 20oz Gin/Wine Glass.

Sommelier 20oz Gin/Wine Glass

SKU: 50021
  • *   FREE Return dirty service

    *   Part of a matching collection

    *   Elegant Fine Stem

    *   Sturdy flat foot

    *   H230 / Ø93mm

    *   60cl / 20oz

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