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Our 6ft x 3ft rustic banquet trestle tables are handmade by ourselves from reclaimed wood.  They have separate 3 legged trestles which allows people to comfortably sit along each side without the trestles interfering with seating positions.  They can seat 3 guests down each side and one at either end very comfortably or more if laid out in a traditional banqueting end to end layout.

Being 3ft wide they are perfect for sharing platters or lots of floral gorgeousness on your tables!

Please note that these tables are natural products and as such each table will be different from the rest.


Measurements: L6ft (1800mm) x W3ft (915mm)   


If you have any questions or would like to hire any tables, you can talk to our friendly team today:


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6ft x 3ft Handmade Rustic Trestle Table

SKU: 15008